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  • Dustin S
    I had difficulty in understanding the proper workings of the pen due to the confusing English translation of the miniscule sized and confusing product manual, this is a fantastic product, of course the video quality is not the best but I consider it to be great for most applications, it also records sound with a surprisingly good quality

    Dec 19,2017

  • cwitifa
    Easy to use and for a pen it has pretty good picture quality, some people have complained about the blue light but you can easily cover it up with tape or a sticker

    Mar 18,2018

  • Sonya Amini
    You may need to read them straight through to make sure you know how to turn the video on without it being voice or motion activated

    Oct 31,2017

  • Deimosio
    The instructions are a little confusing to me but after playing around with little more I know I will figure and have fun with it

    Feb 11,2018

  • Olivia Martin
    The audio and video quality was very good, my expectations were fulfilled based on other reviews and the actual performance

    Apr 11,2018

  • Paulie Bag-O-Donuts
    The pen worked perfectly as advertised and produced sharp colorful videos with good sound quality

    Sep 05,2018

  • Tengiz
    Все работает и доставили сразу! Думал 2 месяца тянуть будут, а получил раньше чем указано на дней 10!

    Nov 08,2018

  • Amee Catalano
    Great quality product and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for this type of device

    Sep 07,2018

  • C. Kline
    Works better than I would have ever thought, great video and good sound recording

    Apr 03,2018

  • bergie24b
    The video is clear, a small light will let you know exactly what the pen is doing

    Sep 15,2018