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  • Twone D Beasley
    Yes (1) Color: Multi
    These work great with the Hue bridge and are reliable and have never failed to work, this is an excellent product and there are a million reviews on these lights but I wanted to just add that bulbs like this make it so easy to enter the world of home automation

    Sep 18,2018

  • Dan Leithauser
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    Very happy with these bulbs !! At first when I installed I expected the lights to be quickly located by my bridge, it did take some internet research to install with my Alexa had to manually enter at least one of the bulb numbers to get it to connect

    Sep 09,2018

  • rabbit9673
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    Turn off the living room group'' and she replies `` OK'' as I watch these lights go dim and then out, the lights are plenty bright and work well, they look very similar to incandescent lamps in color but with an almost imperceptable lag coming on

    Sep 04,2018

  • Royce R. Okazaki
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    It's nice to be able to dim the lights without having to get off the couch, at first I had an issue with a flicker but I found out my switch wasn't LED certified so I went ahead and bought a new switch for my wall and all was good

    Oct 16,2018

  • Kenji Yang
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    These are great !!! I use them in all my lamps and even have used it on my carport, plus I can light up my house at night when I am away before I get back home making it nice to come home to a lit house

    Oct 06,2018

  • Sean Glowatski
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    I purchased two packs of these additional bulbs after deciding to slowly upgrade my home a smart home, these bulbs work great and are easy to connect to your existing Hue bridge

    Sep 14,2018

  • Dr. E
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    Using smart bulbs with Alexa makes it possible for me to turn lights on and off easily, dimmer switch can also be added and programmed to control specific bulbs

    Aug 16,2018

  • Richard Mangum
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    These lights are plenty bright, and the Hue app is pretty neat, i've bought a lot of these and haven't had an issue with a single one, solid quality product

    Sep 20,2018

  • Jan S
    Yes (0) Color: Multi
    The quality of light is great and the price is not bad, compared to other smart/connected bulbs, would be nice if they were just a little bit cheaper

    Jul 17,2018

  • SAVY
    Yes (8) Color: Multi
    I wish I would have known that they were soft white bulbs before I ordered them, they don't get to a bright white color like the color hue bulbs do

    Sep 21,2018