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A Vegetarian Whose Dog Is Trained To Eat Only Veggies, To Her Surprise...

Here goes the story of an English dog owner who is a veggie. 

She didn’t eat meat and trained her dog only to eat vegetables. Because of that, a local TV station interviewed her. 

She stated that eating vegetables made her happy. Both her dog and she desired no more meat. 

To prove her statement, the TV station prepared two kinds of dog food.

One was meat. The other was the vegetable.

Then, her dog could choose which one to eat. 

Unexpectedly, the dog ignored the vegetable and went straight to the meat.

It ate the meat without hesitation.

After eating, it became in high spirits and laughed happily.

Dog: The meat is so delicious!

Owner: [Smiling awkwardly]

As far as we know, dogs are a kind of omnivorous animal which mainly lives on meat due to physiological reasons.

Always eating vegetables, they will suffer from nutritional imbalance and have a low spirit.

Thus, if you want your dog to be healthy, please ensure that it has a balanced diet!

Here are some tools for feeding your lovely fur baby!

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