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  • Daniel Groseclose
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Works Excellent no problems so far !!!!! But do notice it can get a little hot in the port area ... I noticed it with my brothers hub first then when I got mine it still got quite warm when I went to unplug like a flash drive or sumin felt it was quite quite warm, not more then warm ... and the hub port where I unplugged it ... but other then that its had no problems and worked like a champion ... or like A BOSS ... lol

    Jul 25,2018

  • Stephen Lynch
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Great working product, the extra power port works perfect for charging as intended, this USB hub and ONLY this USB hub somehow conflicts with really common software I use, it's quite frustrating and made me re-purpose how I used the device, it is now a game controller hub instead of my primary hub so that it only needs to be plugged in when using emulators or multiple controllers

    Aug 08,2017

  • Belinda C
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I like the blue lights that tell me each slot is communicating with USB device plugged in, lights turn off when computer is off -- good, i have other devices for that, i have plugged a stand-alone external drive into it and due to the power supplied to the Anker device, frees up USB ports on my laptop

    Apr 04,2018

  • Rich Mersereau
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Out of the box it did not function correctly but this was not entirely a surprise as I was hoping the device could solve a USB power problem I was already having it did, it solved my USB power problem and has the added advantage that I can rapidly charge my smart phone while I'm connected

    Nov 03,2017

  • Frequent Traveler
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I purchased this USB hub because I had limited USB connections for my Mac Mini and wanted a high-speed, there is a seventh port, i needed to be able to connect several devices when I work and I also needed the ability to upload and download at high speeds, i had a more basic multi-port hub

    Jul 26,2018

  • Nny
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Received my USB hub from Anker and I was so surprised at the quality of not only the product but also the packaging, just a USB hub but Anker actually put a lot of thought into their packaging and product design, the USB ports are very smug and secure, unlike other hubs

    Sep 28,2018

  • kicknchicken
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    The best powered USB hub i've ever had, there's blue indicator lights for each port indicating that the device connected to this port is active and connected, i previously used various USB hubs from Dynex, i can't speak to the durability of the USB connectors

    Oct 11,2017

  • sd22sd
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Small enough to sit unobtrusively beside my computer, i bought one for home and one for my laptop for business travel when I often have multiple devices plugged in, the decent price encouraged me to spring for the spare also, this ` row' design is excellent

    Apr 10,2018

  • Elizabeth M.
    Yes (5) Color: Black
    You are better off using this on a desktop computer where it is unlikely to move or get unplugged/replugged since the USB cable apparently does wear out from repeated use, devices charge with noticeable increased speed on the given charging port

    Oct 28,2017

  • Jean-Charles P.
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    This charging port may be compact, i attach all of my external devices, i do have my mouse in a different port as it goes with me, it takes up little space and can be placed behind the laptop lid so you can not see the cords, you prefer a neat and tidy desk

    Apr 13,2018