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  • Tony Vavpetic
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    Cross pens are expensive, i recently decided to try the Parker Jotter Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen in black, it came nicely packaged in a keep-worthy sturdy box, it has a silky feel to it as it glides across the page, the strong click to retract the pen is significant, it's quite a nice looking pen, it is likely to be `` accidently'' lifted from your desk by a co-worker, this is an excellent pen for the money ; I would have paid more for it

    Oct 01,2018

  • Chieh-Lin T.
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    There is a little window on the pen to let you know how much ink is left, the point on these pens is pretty small and allows you to draw a fairly small line, the ink drys quickly and I have not had problems with it smearing when writing on normal paper, with normal paper this should not be a problem, you can buy a multi-pack that has lots of colors these can be found in retail stores and Amazon, green and purple colors

    Oct 30,2018

  • kellie8706
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    Good cheap pens, i was afraid they wouldn't write or would have light grey ink due to all the negative reviews I read on these pens - I happened to read them after I added these on to my cart and made the purchase, they work fine and the ink is black and dark, it's not super dark and thick ink like you get with a fancy ink pen, it's a bic pen like I've always known them, the skinny body of the pen is a little cheap

    Oct 31,2018

  • Jay G.
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    I have noticed that the felt tip is a bit finer out of the box which is good or bad depending on your application, they seem to be a bit more stingy with ink than the name brand which is nice on paper, given that currently these are roughly the same price as the name brand, overall not a horrible pen

    Sep 27,2018

  • amills
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    The delicate and seemly lines flow cleanly from one word to the next, this restrained pen lets go only such ink as the paper can absorb at a given point, your hands should remain mercifully clean, left-handed authors may observe some slight smudging if haste requires a speedy hand

    Sep 15,2018

  • Genes
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    I am very picky with pens, they have to feel perfect in my hand, it has to be fine point, my favorite pen ran out of ink and I entered into pen hell ... because my favorite pen was no longer being sold, began my quest for a new favorite pen, i only use black ink pens

    Nov 21,2018

  • J Lok
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    An extra fine point, i am down to my last pen and will soon have to buy another, these pens have never leaked before and they look very stylish, the black ink is a rich and pure dark black which sinks into the paper very smoothly and dries very quickly

    Oct 04,2018

  • Rebecca Turner
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    Clean and clear unlike others that you have to get the ink flowing with, the line is exact and does not smear or blot nor does it spread on the paper, the pen fits nicely in hand and is both easy to open as well as write without a great deal of pressure

    Sep 30,2018

  • George A. Thom
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    Writing with these pens is always great as the ink is a deep dark black and it dries quickly ; I am left-handed so I appreciate that, they are a true `` fine-tip'' pen producing a consistent and precise line, these pens are comfortable to hold

    Nov 13,2018

  • Austing
    Yes (0) Color: Multi-B
    The individual sheets of paper are on the thin side, ink and graphite are see through on the other side of the sheet, fouatain pen ink doesn't feather into paper as much as I would have guessed, overall great product for the price

    Nov 18,2018