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  • Handy
    I am in school and have a lot of textbooks online that I can set up to read to me so I use wireless headphones while at my laptop so that I can do other things if I need to without having a cord attaching me to my laptop. I also listen to a lot of music on my laptop or from my phone. Again, don't like having a cord holding me to my laptop or having to keep my phone on my body at all times. A couple years ago I got a single wireless earbud when I had a job doing a lot of driving and going into different facilities so I could easily answer my calls, even with my hands full. I really wanted a pair that connected to one another though and so I found these.This set comes in a nice black retail package. It has a hoop on the top that pulls the inside tray out like a drawer. The earbuds are in the storage charging case which is set inside dense foam. Below that is a small black box with the 2 other sets of earbud covers of differing sizes as well as a short micro USB cable to charge it. Behind everything is a user manual. The contacts for the earbuds have plastic covering them so they do not make contact with the charging posts until that is pulled off though they have some battery power and the case had about half power.The storage charging case is very shiny and shows fingerprints and oils from the hand really easily so I don't really like that but it is not a big deal. There are 4 blue LED lights across the front of the case that indicate the charge level. The less lights on, the lower the charge. It seems that the lights stay on at all times unless the power is gone, which I feel wastes power. The top opens up and is on a hinge. It has a magnetic closure. There are two holes that the earbuds fit in. The right earbud only fits in the right hole and the left earbud only fits in the right hole. They both are marked L and R. They are magnetic and get pulled into the space perfectly. There is a little gap towards the bottom right and left sides to allow for easier grasp to pull them out but I had a hard time getting them out until I figured out that instead of trying to pull them out, to push my finger low in the hole and push up and out. When they are removed from the case they are supposed to automatically connect to one other. Also, you have to be careful to not press the touch sensitive button or you can disconnect them. That took a bit of getting used to but I have it down pat now.I left the original earbud covers on and kept having trouble with them falling out. I finally changed them out and it was a big difference for me. The sound quality is pretty good but I do not find them to block out background noise very well. This is not a big issue for me but this may be for other people. I get about 6 hours of continuous use out of them. I can get 2 to 3 charges out of one full charge on the case. I have not fully let it die down because I need to use them so I charge the case on every other charge just to ensure I have power.

    Oct 08,2019

  • Best Sound
    Best Sound Ever & Superior Quality
    Excellent sound beautiful design and from the moment you open the box you know the quality of this wireless earbuds the design and quality are Very dificult to compare, I was looking for some earbuds for long time I bought others but didn’t meet my expectations until now this are beautiful The sounds great and the fit on my ears is just perfect another thing is that as soon as I took it out of the case automatically started doing the Pairing process I was like WOW they are amazing Another great future is How they attach to your ears you don’t have to push hard or press in so basically I felt like I was wearing nothing while enjoying great sound, you can see they are fully charged when all the lights are on the case that’s great.This are just A must have earbuds !!!!!!!!

    Oct 08,2019

  • perfect
    Had to buy some for a friend
    I am A huge apple AirPod fan so when I was given these as a gift I was skeptical.... I can’t believe how well they work! How well they fit. I was pleasantly surprised. Even The battery life is awesome. There were no isssues with Listening to music, podcasts and talking on the phone. I can Even run with them at the gym. I was shocked at the cost when I came on to amazon to buy a pair for a friend who can’t wear apple AirPods because his ear holes are “too small” You seriously can’t beat this price. Hands down the best wireless earphones for your dollar.

    Oct 16,2019

  • Very Impressed
    Very Impressed
    These bluetooth headphones are great! I've been using them at the gym and at home listening to podcasts and spotify. They pair automatically when u take them out of the case and disconnects when you put them back in the case to charge.They are easy to set up on my Iphone. The range is very good as well. I was able to walk around my house over 15 feet without having any issues.I like these better than the apple airpods because these stays on my ears, the airpods keep falling off when I lay down. Also these are way more affordable! :)

    Sep 30,2019

  • Best
    I’m loving these. So great for work. I can listen to my and no one knows I’m multitasking. I was watching Mike Epps.... and working at the same damn time (lol). You can also use for your phone. I stepped away from my phone to copier room and the ear bugs rung and told me the number of who was calling not the name though. Love it

    Sep 28,2019

  • very good sound qual
    very good sound quality
    they feel very comfortable in your ear and have a very good sound quality with no delay unlike some other Bluetooth headphones i have used. they have a very good battery life and also charge while they are in the case. i have no bad things to say about this product and i am happy with what i got.

    Sep 12,2019

  • Decent earbuds price
    Decent earbuds for the price!
    For the price they are not bad. Sound quality is a 7/10 when listening to music. They are really bulky, or I have really small ears. But I didn't think I was going to get $100 earbuds tho. I would definitely buy again tho.

    Oct 16,2019