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  • Shai
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    Great adapter to have, especially for laptops
    - The item works right out of the box (the operating system, at least in Windows 10, has built it drivers).- Both the Ethernet port and all the 3 USB 3.0 ports can be used at the same time.- The build quality seems high.
    - The USB cable is a bit short.- No lights to indicate the adapter is working, and mainly when the Ethernet connection is working.- No driver was included in the package (not that a driver is needed).- There is no connector to power the adapter externally.The updated driver for the Realtek RTL8153 USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet can be downloaded from the Realtek site:

    May 15,2018

  • Squeal
    Yes (1) Color: Black
    I have an older computer in the house that has just a couple of USB ports WAAAYY in the back, any time I want to plug the printer or an external drive in, much more conveniently accessible ports to the front of the computer, the cord is just long enough to plug in and sit the box on top of the computer where it's easy to reach and plug peripherals into

    Apr 23,2018

  • Pamela in SC
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    The Nintendo Switch instantly realized it was now wired and I didn't have to set up a new connection or make any settings changes whatsoever, the Switch dock doesn't have any extra USB I purchased this particular network adapter so I could continue charging my Switch Pro Controller without compromise and future proof for more USB devices

    May 09,2018

  • E. Emery
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I needed a USB hub that would actually do what it's made to do, now I have had experience in buying other USB hubs before, i check the specs first then all the latest reviews and critical reviews and this thing seems like the real deal, the price was about yay-high but I gave it a go cause I needed a reliable usb hub, this USB hub is perfect

    Oct 13,2018

  • stylestar
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    I had tried a lower-powered hub at first with my Raspberry Pi, a small single-board computer, one quickly runs short once one starts using peripherals, using this large hub lets me dedicate one outlet with a USB to micro-USB cable to power the Pi, while the `` upstream'' USB port handles the communications

    Jul 04,2018

  • M. A. Rivera
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    Contrary to a few other reviews, already it doesn't supply strong enough signal for my Logitech wireless mouse unless the mouse is immediately next to the hub, i'm assuming that it needs external power, wish the manufacturer would make recommendation as to the correct power cable

    May 21,2018

  • Su B
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    I got the optional UGREEN AC to DC Adapter for this device so that this hub could power my external USB hard drives - enclosed external hard drives won't work with USB hubs unless there's an AC adapter plugged into the hub, all works great and build quality so far seems fantastic

    Oct 22,2018

  • Daniel Klem
    Yes (5) Color: Black
    I had an external HDD that I was ready to give up on since it was routinely reticent upon its insertion into the seasoned USB ports that came with my PC back in the day, this powered port hub has allowed the venerable drive to spin up reliably for lo these past four months

    Apr 18,2018

  • anv
    Yes (3) Color: Black
    Great product great longevity fantastic compatibility works with my Raspberry Pi all distros available works great with my Asus Tinker board and it works great with my Windows computer and my Macintosh just buy it it's cheap it's brilliant its gigabit go for it

    Apr 20,2018

  • Ken Pell
    Yes (0) Color: Black
    The two super charged ports on the side fast charge my Samsung Notes and puts me into the airplane mode when I transfer files from phone to pc or back for maximum transfer rate, i recommend this USB hub unit

    Apr 18,2018