Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp


Cree XM - L2 U4 LED 1200LM
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Skilhunt H03 / H03R / H03F - Smaller, Smarter and Brighter
Skilhunt keeps developing better new headlamp models, and make a lot of tests and measurements. Now we are so excited that new headlamps are ready to come!

Main Features:
● Compact, powerful and intelligent headlamp, doubles as handy flashlight
H03 (TIR lens), H03R (OP reflector), H03F (adjustable)
CREE XM-L2 U4 LED, cool white light and neutral white light are available
● Max output: 1200 LED Lumens / ANSI 1000 Lumens
● Sub-level mode group, turbo - high - mid - low - strobe - beacon 1 - beacon 2
● Low voltage indication
When the battery voltage drops down lower than 3.3V, indicator flashes twice every 2s; lower than 3V, indicator flashes 3 times every second
● Location indicator and lock-out function
When the flashlight is on, press switch for 1.5s, location indicator switch on and lock-out function activation at the same time, press button can turn on / off the indicator; press and hold the switch for 1.5s to unlock and enter Low
● Rugged aluminum body with anti-scratching Type III hard anodization
● Wide input range provides more choices of batteries
● Dual recoil absorbing springs, better impact resistance
● New intelligent temperature control technology for your stable and safe use
● Integrated heat dissipation design / magnetic tail cap / quick release clip / memory function / reverse polarity protection / tail stand

On / Off
When the flashlight is OFF
● Press side switch to access to memorized brightness level
When the flashlight is ON
● Press and hold the side switch for 0.5s to turn it off
 Mode selection
● Press and hold the side switch for 0.5s to access to Low
● Quickly double press side switch to access to Turbo
● Quickly triple press side switch to access to Strobe
● Press side switch to cycle through Low - Mid - High - Turbo
● Quickly double press side switch to Sub-level (i.e between L1 and L2)
● Quickly triple press the side switch to access to Strobe, then double click to switch from three special modes, press side switch back to previous brightness level


Product Details

Headlight Brand: Skilhunt
Main Emitters: Cree XM-L2 U4
Emitters Quantity: 1
Luminous Flux: 1200 LED Lumens / 1000 ANSI Lumens 
Color Temperature: 6000-7000K; 4000-5000K
Feature: Can be used as headlamp or bicycle light,Cooling Slot of High Efficiency,Lockout Function,Reverse Polarity Protection
Function: Camping,EDC,Hiking,Household Use,Night Riding,Walking
Mode: 7 (Turbo; High; Mid; Low; Strobe; Beacon 1; Beacon 2)
Battery Type: 18650,CR123A,RCR123A
Battery Quantity: 1 × 18650 or 2 x CR123A / RCR123A
Battery Included or Not: No
Mode Memory: Yes
Waterproof: IPX-8 Standard Waterproof
Power Source: Battery
Working Voltage: 2.7-8.4V
Beam Distance: 100-150m
Impact Resistance: 1M
Body Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy
Processing Technology: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Body with Anti Scratching Type III Hard Anodization
Available Light Color: Cool White,Neutral White
Color: Black

Dimension and Weight

Product weight: 0.0440 kg
Package weight: 0.1400 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 9.90 x 2.35 x 2.35 cm / 3.9 x 0.93 x 0.93 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 16.00 x 8.00 x 5.00 cm / 6.3 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Skilhunt LED Headlamp, 1 x Headband, 1 x Clip, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x Magnet Rubber Pad, 1 x English Manual, 1 x O-ring

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Customer Reviews

  • Adam
    Skilhunt H03 Neutral
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    ♥ The seller periodically holds promotions on this product.
    ♥ During the promotion, we can buy this flashlight below $30, at this price there is no competition.
    ♥ Nice packaging with practical accessories:
    - headband (quick to assemble, configurable, suitable for head or helmet).
    - clip
    - lanyard
    - 2 spare O rings
    - rubber pad to replace the strong magnet at the tailcap (magnet isn’t good during the cave survey).
    - manual
    ♥ magnet in tailcap allows to mount the flashlight on a metal surface (but it's only gadget).
    ♥ Good quality. Flashlight made very precisely from good materials.
    ♥ small and lightweight.
    ♥ Waterproof (tested).
    ♥ Shock resistant (tested).
    ♥ A strong neutral beam of light.
    ♥ TIR optics provides a wide uniform beam of light (no defined hotspot).
    ♥ Long range.
    ♥ simple control of lighting levels.
    ♥ memory function.
    ♥ lockout function.
    ♥ temperature control.
    ♥ reverse polarity protection.
    ♥ 18650 battery format (accepts flat top 18650 batteries).
    ♥ possibility of using protected and unprotected 18650.
    ▼ Long press to off. When I want switch off, it takes ages.
    ▼ Low-voltage indicator blinks on red into switch. When we have flashlight on head we will never recognize this fact. In other brands blinks the light.
    ▼ When the voltage drops too low, the flashlight turns off and we get no light! In other brands, in this case the flashlight goes into emergency mode, e.g. 0.2 lumens.
    ▼ silicone holder is too soft, a bit small and not well contoured. It's less comfortable when we using only one strap.
    ▼ If is magnet, the magnet can be a little stronger

    Jul 06,2018

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  • Andrey
    Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Высокоэффективный драйвер, обеспечивает свет без видимых пульсаций на всех режимах
    Улучшенное тепло-отведение, благодаря новой конструкции головной части и медной «звезде»
    Интеллектуальный термо-контроль
    Минимальный ток утечки в режиме ожидания, ниже 0.5uA
    Компактный корпус, размер уменьшен до 100мм (относительно 107мм H02)
    Корпус влагонепроницаемый IPX8
    Эффективный светодиод CREE XML-2 U4
    Защита фонаря от неправильной полярности
    Торец фонаря снабжен магнитом, для крепления на металлическую поверхность
    Добавлена электронная функция блокировки от случайного запуска, не отменяет механической (при помощи отворачивания хвостовой крышки)

    Jun 26,2018

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  • Andrey
    Skilhunt H03 Headlamp
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Улучшенное тепло-отведение, благодаря новой конструкции головной части. Широкий диапазон питающих напряжений (2,7-8,4В) обеспечивает совместимость с несколькими типами элементов питания.
    Компактный корпус, размер уменьшен до 100мм (относительно 107мм H02). Корпус влагонепроницаемый IPX8. Защита фонаря от неправильной полярности. Добавлена электронная функция блокировки от случайного запуска. Торец фонаря снабжен магнитом. Высокоэффективный драйвер, обеспечивает свет без видимых пульсаций на всех режимах
    Интеллектуальный термо-контроль. Светодиод CREE XML-2 U4.

    May 14,2018

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  • Andrii Shkarivskyi
    Skilhunt H03 LED Headlamp NEUTRAL WHITE
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Super bright..........................
    Bead surface lens for wide and uniform flood beam.......................
    Magnetic tailcap................................
    IPX-8 waterproof ............................
    Low-voltage warning feature.................................
    Location indicator & lockout function...........................
    Sturdy built quality.........................
    Friendly user interface......................
    Came bundled with plenty of useful accessories....................

    Oct 07,2017

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  • Vince
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Thorough packaging, the box is impressive, it has a nice design. The lamp is very tiny, very lightweight and has awesome light! Never look in the emitter diode! Believe me, I did it :-))
    Tha head ha a strong magnet on the bottom side (inner), can be mounted easily on any (magnetizable of course) metal surface.
    The lamp has some practical accessories:
    - headband (good configurable, can be set enough tight to fit on the head or enough loose to fit on a helmet)
    - clip
    - lanyard
    - spare O rings
    - rubber pad to replace the strong magnet at the bottom of the lamp
    Nothing, the headlamp is very well!

    Oct 03,2017

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  • RyanS
    My go-to light for just about everything!
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    I've gone through a few headlamps over the years, but the H03 is by far my favorite. I've had it for about 6 months now and use it all the time, it's light weight, bright and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    It gives off a very nice wide flood beam with no noticeable hot-spots which is perfect for headlamp use. Being able to remove it from the headband and clip it to you shirt, bag strap or even just use it as a handheld light is very handy, and the magnetic tail cap is very useful when working on the car in the dark.

    Don't hesitate to buy this headlamp, it's very high quality and an excellent light. I have about 15 flashlights at home and 90% of the time when I need one, I grab the H03 without even thinking.
    Absolutely nothing

    Mar 29,2017

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  • David
    Excellent headlamp!
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    This is replacing a Zebralight I had to send off for repair for 2 months, I think it will be more reliable. I ordered NW, color temp measures 4800K. Seems like the stated lumens are correct. Very efficient, doesn't heat up super fast but I can tell the heatsinking is very good. Excellent craftsmanship, threads are smooth and lubricated, anodizing is perfect. Very light weight. Includes lanyard, magnet and pocket clip that were lacking with Zebralight. Be careful on turbo, it will melt and possibly ignite dark colored objects! Electronic and physical lock-outs - use them! Mod-able LED and driver, see BudgetLightForum. About 2 weeks shipping time with USA Express option.
    Tint is slightly green compared to the Zebralight but its not high-CRI so that's expected. Not noticeable at night anyway.

    Jan 19,2018

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  • Paul
    Headlight Skilhunt H03
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    To the pros I can include a beautiful white light, good holding the armband, not heating up for strong flashlights,
    A well-functioning switch, a sealed flashlight housing, long work on one battery, a clip and spare o-rings added to the flashlight. Headlight Skilhunt H03 for me is a very nice proposition for runners and people who appreciate strong light, which perfectly illuminates the road. I recommend this flashlight, and I assure undecided - it is worth having it with you.
    To the minuses I can only count, no zoom in the flashlight and the lack of a case to carry the flashlight in the backpack. And yes, I can not complain - the flashlight has no significant defects.

    Dec 16,2017

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  • Alexey
    Wonderful flashlight!
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Flashlight worth every cent paid for it. The functional at altitude, the performance is excellent! A month ago I already bought one, now came the second and it's not final, since the flashlight must always be in the car at the cottage and at home. Probably buy a couple more pieces - great gifts for friends.
    Фонарик стоит каждый цент, уплаченный за него. Функционал на высоте, исполнение отлично! Я месяц назад уже купил один, теперь пришел второй и это не финал, поскольку фонарик должен быть всегда в машине, на даче и дома. Видимо куплю еще пару штук - прекрасные подарки друзьям.
    I don't see
    Я не вижу

    Jan 04,2017

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  • Anton
    Color:Black Size:H03 Neutral White
    Очень хороший фонарь, удачно подобраны компоненты, свет широкий благодаря тир-оптике и приятный нейтрально-белый. Качество корпуса на высоте, есть память режимов и возможность программирования группы из 4-х режимов. Богатая комплектация ( есть клипса и темляк). Магнит в хвосте. Возможность использовать АКБ 18650 с плоским “плюсом”. Индикация разряда батареи и программная блокировка кнопки от случайного нажатия.
    Магнит желательно посильнее. Степдаун не по термоконтролю.

    Jul 18,2018

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