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  • Konstantinos
    This is your best choice for a battery charger I think. Excellent charger.
    ADVANTAGES1. Very nice, bright, high resolution screen that really helps you understand what's going on with the charger and your batteries. The screen automatically lowers its brightness when you are away which is a nice energy-saving feature. This is an "intelligent" charger, not a "dumb" charger.2. This charger has managed to bring back to life many old batteries that could not be recognized by another (old) charger that I have. I had planned to throw away many of these old batteries but the Nitecore SC4 charger manage to bring them back to life (obviously these batteries are not very healthy, but they could be of some use in a specific application for example low-powered devices that I rarely use.3. The statistics that these charger provides about your batteries are very good and the really help you understand how healthy each battery is. Among these statistics I should mention that CHARGING AMPERAGE, VOLTAGE, mAh of CAPACITY ADDED and INTERNAL RESISTANCE are all shown on the bright screen of the device. 4. The overall build quality is excellent and I don't think there is any noticeable "sound" when the charger is working (nothing to worry about).5. My charge is an authentic/original product and I can verify this thanks to the Nitecore sticker that has been put on the box of the device. Nice little detail that allows you to be sure that you are being only the original Nitecore product and not some cheap copy.DISADVANTAGES1. This charger is missing only one function, it can't discharge the battery fully and calculate it's real capacity. An indirect way of estimating the capacity of a battery is to charge it when it is fully empty. This means that the amount of charge (in mAh) that has been added to the battery is equal to its capacity. As far as I know, other charger can automatically charge and discharge the battery, therefore they are able to calculate their capacity precisely.2. I wish the charger could save my preference that I want my NiMH batteries charge only at the 300mA current level. Unfortunately, I have to change this every time I put a battery in my charger because the default is 500mA (which I don't like). I prefer to charge at the lowest possible current in order to prolong my batteries' life as much as possible.Thank you

    Sep 15,2018

  • Sergio
    Nitecore SC4 Superb Charger
    Зарядное устройство Nitecore SC4 умеет заряжаты аккумуляторы LiFePO4, Lithium, Lithium Ion, Ni-MH. Максимальный ток заряда 3 ампера в двух слотах. Можно заряжаты аккумуляторы током от 300 mA и до 3 ампер, шаг 100 mA. Есть порт USB 2.1 A работает тогда когда нет аккумуляторов в слотах. Качественный зарядное устройство. Charger Nitecore SC4 can charge batteries LiFePO4, Lithium, Lithium Ion, Ni-MH. The maximum charge current is 3 amps in two slots. Batteries can be charged with current from 300 mA and up to 3 amps, step 100 mA. There is a USB 2.1 A port working when there are no batteries in the slots. High-quality charger.

    Dec 31,2018

  • Enrico
    Caricabatterie nitecore SC4
    Caricabatterie NItecore SC4 Ultimo modello di caricabatterie della Nitecore. Consigliatissimo per caricare batterie a ioni di litio,polimeri di litio,ni-mh,nicd,imr Permette di caricare 4 batterie contemporaneamente di diverso formato,il tutto automaticamente,riconoscendo il tipo di batteria e l'hamperaggio da utilizzare per la carica. Auto spegnimento della carica a carica completa Permette inoltre di caricare anche manualmente ogni singola batteria scegliendo la potenza. E' presente anche un ingresso usb per caricare smartphone e dispositivi vari. Possibilità di rivitalizzare batterie morte forzando la carica manualmente.
    non è presente un interruttore per accendere o spegnere il caricabatterie. Una volta collegato all'alimentazione,emette un sibilo un pochino fastidioso alla lunga(quindi non pensate di utilizzarlo di notte nella camera dove dormite) Se si collega un dispositivo tramite usb,non possono essere caricate le batterie normali

    Jan 10,2018

  • N.Saraiva
    Does what it says on the box.
    Wide range of batteries it can charge. Sensible defaults for different sized cells. Ability to charge really fast if you need a cell quickly. Can take 70mm cells, even though that is not claimed on the box. Can rescue some cells from below normal minimum discharge voltage. I've only had it long enough to run a few different types through it, but one needed reviving, which it did, and the sizes ranged from 26650 and 20700 to 18650 in Li-Ion and D to AAA in NiMH, and it handled them all - and gave me a condition report into the bargain! Good price for such a versatile charger.
    It's big, but I guess it needs to be for heat dissipation. Whining noise makes. don't turn off the light

    Jan 14,2018

  • Hendrik
    Nitecore SC4
    Lots of futures on these device. Bonus point is the monitoring of your real capacity of your batteries when charging from deplete up to full charge. So if you want to test your real capacity of your batteries this is the product for you. Can charge up to 4.3 volts. Can charge batteries to a max of 3000mAh. Highly recommended by me and definitely one of the best chargers on the market. Another bonus is the monitoring of batteries internal resistance.
    Absolute nothing.

    Nov 18,2017

  • SC4 Charger
    multi batteries charger
    the charger can charge a lot of batteries kind ,you can charge single battery and up to 4 Simultaneously ,the charger show the parameter of each battery like the carrent and the voltage stutus ,and the condition of the battery (good or bad) ,the charger can work by 100-220 v ,or with 12v (good if you want to chrge batteris at your car) ,it's also have usb output so you can charge smartphone also
    didn't find yet

    Nov 14,2017

  • Oscar
    The charging speed is claimed as it is.. able to fully charged 2 battery size 18650 within an hour with 3amp at the same time and the front blue fin heat dissipation which located just below the charger display looks cool, especially from the side view.
    The device sometimes tense to be hot sometimes, especially when cranked up the amp to 3amp but it's understandable for the quick charge dissipate out more heat. Only 2.1amps USB output.Takes sometimes to able to get use with the display details.

    Nov 17,2017

  • scur
    Good Charger
    My Intellicharger i4 bit the dust after 3 years, so it was time for a replacement. This charger is everything I want in a battery charger.positives:+ nice LCD display which dims when the charger is not in use+ voltage / mAh / battery life readout+ 4 batteries charging simultaneously+ fast charging rate+ 20700 batteries fit (barely though, careful not to scrape the heatshrink of the battery)negatives:- little pricy, well worth the price though

    Aug 24,2018

  • Ariel
    Nitecore SC4
    excellent charger! very fast ,display show charging process and other information . compatible with AA,AAA,C,D and others batteries. there is USB fast output 2.1A for smartphone/tablet charging. Best charger i ever had.

    Mar 09,2018

  • Stafford
    The SC4 work very well
    My project is to restore 18650 batteries salvaged from old laptop batteries. I highly recommend the SC4 to do this jobExcellent results, I have processed over 100 18650's without any problems. It spots the unrecoverable cells very quickly.

    Nov 15,2018