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  • TheDixieStorm
    Yes (6) Color: Lava Red
    Streamlight has created a close to perfect product that is built to perfection with its durability and efficiency, With the high quality materials used to create this product it has become very apparent that this item will not only last the test of time but anything thrown at it, The L.E.D. lights used in this flashlight have become very useful due to its high intensity, This light is perfect for anyone with the need for a powerful light and durable product

    Jul 22,2018

  • jddsoils
    Yes (10) Color: Lava Red
    The switch is momentary or constant and its rubber cap is very tactile so you get good grip with your thumb, And since I carry this in my pants pocket I love love love that the switch is stiff enough to where the light can be accidently turned on, He was so impressed with my little Streamlight that he purchased some for himself and for his Father who uses a big clunky light with half the output

    Oct 07,2018

  • Jeffery G. Graham
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    Fantastic light in a compact design, Battery life is very good so far and I love how the switch is a little hard to turn on which means it doesn't get accidentally pushed in my pants pockets, Love it great product for sure

    Oct 22,2018

  • J. Milligan
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    I have bought countless small LED torches to use at work and this one is by far the best for the price, I work with someone who has the rechargeable version of this torch and theirs appears to be a little brighter

    Aug 12,2018

  • Stacie
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    Only reason I had to get a new one was because I left the batteries in too long and the battery acid locked the cap shut preventing me from changing them, Just change the batteries often and it's great

    Aug 27,2018

  • Heavy Muscle
    Yes (8) Color: Lava Red
    By that I mean the light is so bright that at close range -LRB- such as looking at a patient's throat -RRB- it provides so much light that the reflection makes it challenging to see very much

    Aug 13,2018

  • F. Dang
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    Great for EDC and just having in your work bag -- or putting several around the house, clip is strong and effective ; button is solid and DOES require a bit of force to depress

    Aug 26,2018

  • Ameranne
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    Metal seems to be great quality and no worries so far about the clip wearing loose, Only downside is the button is stiff and you may want to modify it if it doesn't wear in

    Jun 19,2018

  • Tom E.
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    I feel is a great feature, because the light is very high quality and durable, which I feel is a great feature, because the light is very high quality and durable

    Jul 09,2018

  • KrisDen
    Yes (0) Color: Lava Red
    I thought it was a temporary only switch for about a day but then I gave it a little extra push and click it stayed on

    Jun 18,2018