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  • John
    These are amazing knives! I've already decided to buy more after getting my first one. Razor sharp, extremely well made and solid feel in the hand. Pocket clip is great, no blade play and great fit and finish. If you give them as gifts, your friends will be grateful. The action is a little tight at first, which shows they are made to precise tolerances, but it loosens up a bit. I watched a video where a guy could just flick the knife open quickly with his thumb. I couldn't do that at all, so I thought I'd gotten a bad knife. After a week or so, I realized it was technique. Now I can flick it open fast and make it go "CLICK!"If you are looking for an EDC knife that's just a bit smaller for work or discrete situations, this knife is perfect. Shreds cardboard easily. Your previous EDC might become your occasional carry or drawer queen. For this price, you are getting a tool that's comparable to much more expensive knives. I'd buy several before they are not available, if that happens.

    Dec 08,2018

  • Juan
    Sanrenmu7010 Luí-SH1
    Es una estupenda navaja de bolsillo por su tamaño mediano-pequeño ( me la esperaba algo más grande ) , por lo tanto una estupenda navaja de uso diario. La quería en plata pero estaban agotadas , y he de decir que en este color me ha sorprendido y gustado mucho. A pesar de su tamaño se hace notar en la mano por su peso , y eso me gusta , se ve resistente y muy bien hecha.El filo viene de fabrica estupendamente afilado, corta muchísimo. Al principio cuesta abrirla a una mano , pero después de jugar un rato con ella y abrirla muchas veces coge un juego perfecto para sacar la hoja sin problema.Se ve resistente , buena construcción , buen afilado , hoja centrada y sin holguras , cierre de seguridad perfecto, así que más se puede pedir , la recomiendo!!Y lo mejor de todo el envío , 15 días a España y sin pagar ningún envío especial. Muy contento con la compra

    Oct 08,2018

  • G Simmons
    The best knife under 10 USD
    This knife is very well designed for being so low in price. Absolutely stunning value. I only have a few problems with the knife but considering how inexpensive it is I feel bad for writing it here. First the clip is only in one position and it is tip down carry. Not my favorite position being a lefty. Secondly, the steel is not the finest, it will hold an edge and you are unlikely to have a problem with it in your day to day use but it is comparatively outdated compared to D2, SV20N, even 440C. All in all a fantastic purchase and I recommend it over any other knife in the 10 USD range.

    May 26,2019

  • Michael
    Great knife
    This knife is smaller that I expected even after reading the description, but very nicely tucks into the corner of my pocket. Firm clip, great lockup, no blade movement. Great fit and finish - a solid little knife that is not bulky in your pocket, but does everything you need an edc to do. Shipped to Canada in 14 days. For about $10 Cdn, I'll be purchasing a couple more as Christmas presents !

    Oct 24,2018

  • Skip van der Kooij
    Perfect tool knife
    This knife is a very good tool and is extremely sharp. I have put it in some test (bending, steel/aluminum quality, sharpness, build quality, ease of use and efficiency) and it succeed in all of them, while most knives (even the $34-$69 knives) had to be sharped again at the end or were just a pain to use.This knife is one of the best tool knife that has crossed my path so far. And it is legal in almost every country or region.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Bruno
    Sanrenmu 7010 LUY-SHF Foldable Knife
    Very discrete knife! It arrived very sharp, and cuts really well! I tried it on wood and so far I had no scratches on the blade. Well built, nicely centered. Strong pocket clip but easy to wear in jeans or other places (backpacks, and so on). It adapts well in middle sized hands. It opens nicely although we need to work out the opening to make it easier. Global: recommened knife!
    The lock paddle is good, but it could be a bit larger to open it with the thumb. More suitable for right-handed people. Took a long time to arrive due to customs.

    May 23,2017

    Sanrenmu 7010 Luy-SHF
    Нож приехал достаточно быстро, претензий по качеству нет. Маленький и аккуратненький! Хорошая заточка из упаковки. бумажку режет даже с вывертами. Открывается за шпиньки , люфта нет вообще, клин по центру, открывается со смачным щелчком. Идеальный экземпляр. Легкий и очень удобный. О покупке не пожалел.

    Dec 28,2018

  • S0ft
    Great sanrenmu knife
    Oh just amazing knife for the price. Apparently 8cr13mov steel, just the price is not even comparable with western knife prices with similar steels and hardnesses. Its not my first Sanrenmu and still it the company kinda amazes me with quality of their products. C. Reeves sebenza - what not to like.
    Too small for my big hand(my problem). And the detent is holding too much, hard to open with one hand(might get loose with use).

    May 24,2018

  • Robbie
    Very good knife
    The knife is a classic folding knife for every day (EDC). A useful blade with a high cut provides very good cutting properties, and a properly hardened blade will keep sharp for a long time. The process of re-sharpening the knife will not be a problem. Stable and reliable liner lock provides safety during use. To open the knife efficiently, the manufacturer equipped the blade with a pin. The functional clip placed on the handle allows safe carrying of the knife.

    Dec 14,2018

  • Geiger Hans
    Sanrenmu 7010 LUY-SHF Pocket Knife Survival Tool
    Vorab: für das Geld definitiv unschlagbar!Genaueres:+ scharfe Klinge aus gutem Stahl+ gute Verarbeitung, keinerlei Mängel erkennbar+top 8cr13mov+ hübsches und scharfes Motiv auf Griffschalen+ liegt gut in der Hand+ Clip abnehmbar- /Dieses Messer hat mich sehr überzeugt, ich werde weitere kaufen, da sich dieses Messer sogar von Victorinox (in Preis-Leistung) abhebt und somit ein super Geschenk für Freunde ist.

    Sep 13,2018