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  • RotoFoto
    I received these sleeves and they largest size was still too small for me,i contacted the seller and they said these sleeves don't come any larger but they would send me another item that is larger ... and I don't even have to bother sending the small ones back !!! I will keep those for my husband who has thinner thighs than I do,are of excellent quality,i wear them when I go for long walks and under knee pads when I roller skate,i can travel much further before feeling my knees get tired or sore

    Sep 21,2018

  • Paolo Giacobbi
    good help
    it is the cheeper method to help you to keep your neck safe from bends. it is fully adjustable, and comfortable as much as possible for tools like this. it can impose a straighten position of your neck, but needs to be removed some minutes once an hour, for let relaxing the portion of the leg where the strip is passing from front to bottom of shoulder. it looks to have good materials. nice product.

    Nov 08,2019

  • Martin
    posture corrector
    BACK PAIN AND POOR POSTURE BELONG TO THE PAST: Designed to put an end to the nasty upper and lower back, shoulder and neck pain, this effective back straightener gradually retrains your stiff muscles and adjusts your shoulders to achieve improved posture and proper alignment. Slouching, hunching and rolling shoulders? Well, not anymore!

    Dec 01,2018

  • Mixx-Pitt
    Material was the softest i've ever had for a knee brace and I absolutely love the look,the inside material that grips to the skin did leave a friction mark on my leg as I wear them for work as well but a little baby powder takes care of that problem,all in all I would buy again in a heart beat and plan on seeing if they have different compression items as this is going to be my company to buy from

    Sep 13,2018

  • Jamie L. Beiler
    I am an older tennis player that benefits from support for my left knee,have been less than satisfied -- the velcro wears out and the support slips and/or is uncomfortable,i decided to go with simple compression sleeves,they provide good knee support,tennis is difficult enough without struggling with a balky knee support,five stars for a product that works at a very reasonable price

    Oct 13,2018

  • Serg
    корректор осанки по акции
    Покупал по акции 3 товара за 9,99 зелёных. Доставка заняла 1 месяц. Курьер принёс прямо в квартиру. Я человек довольно плотный, мне было впритык. Дочке подошло лучше. Сразу чувствуешь эффект, что твои плечи оттягиваются назад, этим самым выпрямляя твою спину. Потом видно немного растягивается или принимает форму или просто привыкаешь, то уже эффект не такой как в самом начале, когда только одел. В общем, в хозяйстве пригодится. Продавца и товар рекомендую.

    Dec 16,2018

  • Kyle Perkins
    Simple and just what I needed!
    I chose this rating because it is an excellent product for a great price. It's simple and it's just what I needed to help correct my horrible posture. The only thing is that it's not very sturdy but I didn't expect it to be. But it gets the job done and it's already helped in improving my posture, and I definitely recommend this product!

    Aug 26,2019

  • MAKs
    Back and shoulder restrainer
    Excellent fit, easy to adjust. Made well enough to stretch without any tear (at least for now). The changes in my daughter's (13) posture are REALLY visible - this makes her more confident as well, in both look and feel. Easily hides under the school garment (blouse) - so new posture with no visible restrainers! Would get one for myself, but it's too late now :-)

    Dec 31,2018

  • Kyle M. Heaser
    Sustained an injury on one knee,my other knee began to hurt due to overcompensation,it wasn't too tight but enough to offer an compression for the knee,being mindful of the of time having it on and I also rested,i pulled them off and my knees felt so much better,i know these helped my knees get better and I am no longer needing to wear them

    Sep 28,2018

  • Fvaldez
    Same size,they are sending another pair of sleeves to see if they will be the correct size,my wife loved her original pair and if the replacement is correct,this company has excellent customer service,they sent a replacement sleeve pair that are the correct size,great product and wonderful customer service

    Sep 29,2018