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  • Liam
    Almost perfect phone
    I bought this phone for my daughter because I wanted her to have a phone with a battery that would last more than a day and be reasonably toughThings I like:- The build quality feels great.- The phone feels sturdy- The case at the top and bottom are a little bit bigger than the screen which means it is protected if it falls face down- The battery life is fantastic... as expected- There is no crapware on the phone. I was very surprised that there are no additional applications pre-installed on the phoneNeutral things:- The specs for the phone are just definitely last--gen. I knew this buying the phone so was not that concerned about itThings I don't like:- The automatic brightness on the screen isn't great, so we have set it to max- The phone doesn't always detect when you have put it up to your face so you may find yourself accidentally putting people on mute often- The USB Typer-C port feels a little weak and we have found that only after a week we have to angle the cable as we put it in- Only comes with a European power plug. Sorry Europe... but this thing sucks and so does the adapter it came with, falls out of the wall with a gentle breeze, so now I have to buy a new one to suit Australia

    Apr 15,2019

  • Bogdan
    Dobry pancerniak w dobrej cenie
    To już drugi wzmocniony telefon użytkowany przeze mnie. Nie chcę tu porównywać obydwu, wskażę raczej mocne i słabe strony Armora, które zaobserwowałem podczas jego użytkowania.Mocne strony: obudowa - sporo jeżdżę na rowerze, więc telefon towarzyszy mi jako nawigacja i rejestrator w uchwycie na kierownicy. Armor zaliczył już upadek z tej wysokości na twarde i miękkie podłoże i zniósł to bez szwanku (otarć na ramce nie liczę). Pracuję w fabryce, gdzie telefon dzielnie znosi kontakt z osłonami maszyn.Bateria: trzyma od 2 do 4 dni w zależności, jak intensywnie korzystam z telefonu. Bateria ładuje się spokojnie w 4 do 5 godzin, więc na rano telefon jest w pełnej gotowości.Ekran: bez zarzutuUchwyt do paska: telefon ze względu na swoje gabaryty dość niewygodnie przenosi się w kieszeni. Dlatego z radością używam uchwytu na pasek, co pozwala na bezpieczne przechowywanie aparatu i zachowanie swobody.Uchwyt do roweru: niestety, ale jest za delikatny do masy Armora. Telefon w nim telepie się, co zostawia liczne zadrapania na metalowej ramce.Procesor i pamięć: dla mnie OK.Aparat: robi dobre zdjęcia, jak na telefon.Słabe strony: czytnik linii papilarnych

    Jul 09,2019

  • ep10rus
    Почти все хорошо
    Я делаю обходы Бумагоделательных машин и этот смартфон все мои издевательства выдержал. Температура от -25 (на улице) до +50 (на машине в сырости!) Гвозди я им не забивал - он ведь не для этого сделан. Немного тупит сенсор в воде. Сканер отпечатка в воде тоже не срабатывает. Распознавание лица работает не плохо (в темноте перед светом монитора лицо распознает) Камера меня устраивает; в темноте делает не плохие снимки.О неприятном:1. Заказ сделал 27.12.2019 выслали только 14.01.2019 после общения в чате поддержки, хотя дата отправки была указана 1-4.01.2019 и она еще несколько раз менялась! (!!!сохраняйте скриншоты это потом пригодится при общении с продавцом!!!)2. Минус - Почему-то отсутствовала защелка для карты памяти! Но для меня это не большая проблема, а скорее маленькая неприятность.

    Jan 25,2019

  • Giuseppe
    grande autonomia e grande robustezza
    innanzi tutto quello che mi ha fatto decidere di acquistare questo telefono è stata la sua convenienza rispetto a quello che offriva. Altri brand con le medesime caratteristiche tipo il Blackview bv9500pro costano circa 100 euro in più. Detto questo penso che oggi non si possa fare a meno di una batteria che ti assicuri un uso intensivo per almeno una intera giornata e, utilizzando il telefono per l'appunto intensamente mi ritrovavo spesso a metà giornata ad avere bisogno di ricaricarlo. Questo non succede assolutamente con questo. Le sue caratteristiche di robustezza ed impermeabilità mi permettono poi di fare anche la doccia ascoltando la musica cosa impensabile con altri telefoni...questo è secondario ma, per me, non meno importante. Lo consiglio a tutti tenendo presente però le sue dimensioni e soprattutto il suo peso.....

    Sep 26,2019

  • Robert M F Barrows
    Exceeded my expectations
    I was tired of cracking phone screens so I bought one of these and I must admit I like it. It's not very thin and that's OK with me, it feels good in my hand. When I initially fired it up the phone would not connect to AT&T wireless data, but the AT&T rep knew what to do and it's good to go. I work outside every day wearing gloves, the buttons are bigger and work great. I saw one review that said it did not have finger print ID unlock, however that option is useless to us who wear gloves. the display also works with gloves on. I have to admit so far this phone is exceeding my expectations. This is the only phone I have ever owned where the screen has lasted longer than a month without crack or scratch

    Jan 13,2019

  • Vico Contreras
    Buen equipo en general, vale la pena.
    Es un modelo de uso rudo que soporta golpes, polvo y se puede mojar sin problema, así mismo puedes usarlo con o sin la antena y en México si tiene recepción 4G de Telcel, Movistar y AT&T.Es más pesado que cualquier otro que haya tenido pero se entiende por la bateria, que dicho sea de paso solo me rinde bien poco más de 24 horas con el uso que le doy, así que no es tan poderosa como pretenden.A final de cuentas, cumple el propósito, lo que no recomiendo es pedir por DHL, aunque me llegó como a los 7 días de haberlo pedido, me cobraron $728 pesos por concepto de aduana mexicana y eso es un chasco enorme, al parecer pedirlo por la "tradicional" del sistema, te tarda cómo 20 días o más pero según no te cobran ese extra.

    Jun 27,2019

  • Gayan Abeysinghe
    Ulefone Armor 3T by
    first of all , I must tell you that is the best online purchasing website. This was my 26th order from All of my orders were delivered to me withing 15-25 days. So thank you gearbest team.. and when we consider that "Ulefone Armor 3T is AMAZING!, and it has good price and also excellent build quality with 100% working including finger print, Face ID, Walky-Talky Function and HUGE BATTERY LIFE. And it was in good safely packed while delivering.

    Mar 31,2019

  • Ray Mac
    great buy real uhf vhf ptt
    what's the second time buying this brand and I have been nothing but happy with this one also they are really tough waterproof this one had all the features under the sun such as 6 gigabyte of RAM not a lot of bloatware bullcrap the buttons were all in the right spots it wasn't too heavy it's just perfect screen is strong and bright I have no Reservations about this purchase previously and I had bought the conquest S11 for twice the price and was severely let down by it this is a great phone I would recommend it to anybody

    Jul 29,2019

  • Hadis
    Solid phone for the price
    Phone itself is rock solid. Xiaomi phone I bought for my wife seems smoother but it's able to run multiple apps in background without affecting too much.This phone isn't made for gaming as it lags on game that I run flawless on lenovo 1gb ram tablet which is pretty ridiculous. Non gaming apps work great tho.However if it happens that it falls while charging be sure it will land on the spot where cable is connected to the phone and due to phone weight charging cable is history. (happened to me on day 1)

    Aug 08,2019

  • Eric
    Ulefone Armor 3t
    The Ulefone Aemor 3t. Arrived in just 6 days. I can say is good phone for the price.The design is very good and the screen is enough for my purpose.I tested in water ( about 6 mts) and the phone is working good.Very fast in the interfaces between apps and also for internetThe battery is very good. When i received the phone still have 95%Cameras working good for me The phone is heavy but good in all aspect. I will buy another Ulefone ( ulefone armor 6).

    Jan 21,2019